The Developers Conference and Br-Print3D

Hi everyone!

In this week is happening in São Paulo – Brazil, the 10th edition of The Developers Conference(TDC). This event is all related to developers and the technologies that a developer can use.

With partners like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon and others, this event put together all kind of peoples and nerds. Divided into tracks, where each track is a subject like: .Net, Internet of Things, Java, DevOps, PHP, Mobile, Golang, UX Design, and others that you can check here. One of the tracks was the 3DPrinting one. And I was invited to talk about Br-Print3D.


In this talk, I had the purpose of presenting the new work that we are doing in Br-Print3D. Including the new UI and the new back end.

I presented some of the goals that we have in this project:


The talk was very productive, I was able to hear from the people there(20+/-) what the issues that they have in 3DPrinting, in the use or not of the printer host, and I got some feedback in the new Ui and realized that we are on the right path in this new version. =)


I think that we have the capabilities to achieve the goal to have the beta version until September for all platforms. Also, we receive an invitation to after the beta version goes out, try to embed Br-Print3D in a Raspberry Pi and ***(it’s secret xD).

For me, the challenge will be again the work on the 3D Environment. I need to load the GCode file and render on the screen, so the user can see if everything is all right with the file. On the previous version I used VTK to do it, but was far from good. Now using QML for the Ui, I want to use the new Qt3D module, but I still need to reach the guys on IRC and learn from them what I need to do to make this environment.

Also, I was capable of testing, in the TDC, the new version of KI, the print kernel of Br-Print3D, that Ayrton’s started to develop in Randa using Qt. I was trying to understand his part, what he did, and the issues that he started to have, and share with my friends of ABC Makerspace, to see if we could have some solutions.


From the left to right: Cesar Gimenes, Luckas Judoka, Carlos Lint and Victor Fragoso

I got a problem using KI, some infinite loops, that I found where in the code was happening, but I wasn’t capable of discovering the why. The FilipeFlop guys borrow to me an Arduino, and I was able to make more tests to see what was the problem, and while I was doing the debugs, I put the 3DPrinter to print the logo of Global Code, the company that organizes the TDC event.

That’s all for now. I hope to bring some news soon =)


Randa Meetings and the future of Br-Print3D

Hi guys, everything ok? Good, let’s begin, shaw we?

In this past week the team Br-Print3D – Me and Ayrton, went to Randa in Switzerland for a KDE Sprint called Randa Meetings organize by Mario Fux, that has the objective to put some KDE contributors together in a big house with food and water and see what happen =P


Future of Br-Print3D…

We want that Br-Print3D become the best printer host in the maker area. We want the new makers to have an easy way to start in 3DPrinting. This is the vision that we have for our project. And for that we need to keep working to bring this vision to the reality.

And the first step was in Randa… Where

For me, the new Ui of Br-Print3D was created, this new version of Pandora is made in QML to give an easy and intuitive way to use.

For Ayrton, he started to write the new Print Kernel(KI) using Qt and C++ like his base, but he will explain in another post what happened…

Br-Print3D have one year, the first functional version of the software attended the initial expectations, but we wanted more, and…

So we went from this Ui:


Screenshot from 2016-02-03 18-12-39

Pandora Old Version


To this one:



Pandora New Version


However, there’s a lot to be made, like the 3DView of the GCode file, that I’m planning to use the new Qt3D module, released in the Qt 5.7 version, that will substitute the use of VTK of the first version, and the new icons and the final connection between Pandora and KI.

We hope that until August we can have this version fully working, and after that made the cross-compiling of Br-Print3D to works on MsWindows and Mac OS.

We did a small presentation at the sprint of what we did in this week, and I think that we reached the goal, at least this is my thought about it. =)


Follow us to continue to see our work, and if you want to help us, you can reach us in #brprint3d Freenode channel on IRC.

That’s all folks!

Support the Randa Meetings Sprint here.

Breaking News… Just in time

Well, today I’m going to remove the spider webs of this blog =)

The Br-Prin3D is making in this week his first anniversary. One year of he project. And like every project, we had ups and downs during this year.

But now, we have experience, a thing that we didn’t have when this project started. And that now is making a BIG difference.



3DPrinterChat -Your 3DPrint Community

Last week I received and invitation to be a columnist on a blog about 3DPrinting, 3DPrinterChat, and I already made 3 blog posts. It’s amazing. I’m learning more about 3dprinting and sharing the knowledge that I have. It’s a wonderfull website to people that want know more about 3dprinting and how to start use a 3dprinter.



So, why we are different?

Well, today I wrote 2 articles, and why not write another one?

On this week, I’m working very hard on my proposal to Google Summer of Code, and to say some things there, I needed to know better the others printers hosts open sources.

I choose 3 to start: PronterFace, MatterControl and Repetier Host.

Only opening this programms, I already get confused, cause, where are the settings? Where are the controls? Isn’t easy to find.

So I made this comparisons between this softwares:

Obviously, the actual state of the user interface of Br-Print3D isn’t finished yet. Like the loading of the gcode file that have flaws that I want to resolve in a few weeks, but I think that you can see the difference between Br-Print3D and the above printer hosts.

And I feel that whe are making easy the way that the user can use a printer host. With the experiences that I had with this others, I really enjoy use Br-Print. But i’m a suspect to talk. =D

So, just looking at the pictures above, what do you think?

See ya!





So, here were are: Br-Print3D at Campus Party Brasil 9

Good night fallows!

It’s almost midnight here, and I will tell a little bit about the things that are happening to us on this Campus Party.

Today I made my first talk in a big event, I talked about Qt and C++, and on this talk a 100 people show up, but only 6 people on that group knew about Qt. I remembered when I started to study Qt, and it’s really hard to find Qt programmers on Brazil, until I met the people from KDE Brazil. So my talk was about how to create user interfaces with Qt. What modules we should use to make an app. If is better use QtWidgets or QtQuick. And I think that I made a impression. =D


I’m really gratefull for this oppotunity. I talked a little about the use of a CmakeLists file instead of the default .pro, some people asked to me about the link of python and Qt, and was really good show the power of the Qt to new and old programmers at that talk.

Tomorrow, the Br-Print3D project will participate on Campus Future. Campus Future is a space, that college students can show they projects made on the university. And since Br-Print3D is made by college students, we choose take a lip and submit the project to that space. We will be evaluated in these four classes: Technology, Creativity, Innovation and Social Impact. The three better evaluated projects will receive a prize, and some reconignition about they efforts.

I’m finally started to use a 3D Printer, and I’m printing a lot of the things on my bucket list, like the Doctor Who Tardis.


And we have a big Tardis here too!


But isn’t big on the inside ='(  

But we isn’t use the Br-Print3D app. Because we discovered that the 3DPrinters here, have the Repetier firmware modified, and that leave us with a incompatibily with the code that we made to communicate with the 3DPrinter. And that show us too, that we need to know better about this variations about the firmwares, and that we need to put a limit on the efforts that we will made to provide the supported firmwares to the user. Because we don’t have 3DPrinters to make some tests at home, and don’t have the humam power to test all the variations of Repetier and Marlin firmwares that exists on the world.

Well, that is a little bit that I can tell you guys for now.

We will keep printing and learning here!


Like a Boss eyeglasses! =D


The Like a Boss eyeglasses on the finish of the print job


This is my baby, I’m priting objects on that using PLA


This is like a dock to keep Poker chips and cards


12cm Statue